Following its journey in 2018 EKOKEY continues its path as one of the leading integrated meat and offal plants of today. With its wide service network ranging from integrated meat and offal plants to consumers, experienced staff and modern technology, it meets the demands of retail meat and meat and offal products in a healthy and fast way. EKOKEY, which accomplishes its goal of being a reliable brand in the meat sector by combining hygiene and flavor elements, offers services that are well above the standards and determines the quality as the unchanging principle   

     EKOKEY  have a 1500 mt/sq Bonded Warehouse in LUKABAR FREEZONE  and  12 container genset ware house  in the Adria port Bar 10 cnt genset in Lukabar  freezone barports Montenegro.

     EkOKEY all products exporting to East Asia ,Europe,Middle East countries from Our bonded cold ware house near the port

  Our export products : Beef Meat -Beef Offals-Pork Offlas -Pork Meat and Chicken products..

We have 4 types of cooperative farms. These are veal farms, we have 32,1200 tons per year, and this year we will produce more than 3000 cattle, that is, about 10000 tons of meat. Then 5 subcontractors for chicken meat production, 3 layer chicken farms and 3 fish ponds. As one of the most important segments of our business, we choose the cooperative cattle breeding model, where we strive to increase and strengthen livestock and provide a safe source of income to a significant number of subcontractors, as well as purchasing market surpluses for large and small cattle. Within the company: • Slaughterhouse with a capacity of 500 cows or 2000 lambs per shift for cattle and sheep; (1500 cows -6000 lambs per day) • Meat and meat products "EKO-MESO" processing factory with a daily capacity of up to 300 tons of finished products; • "FRANCA" Farm for feeding large cattle with a capacity of 3000 cows per shift with cooperative farms; • "Franca" Farm for fattening chickens with a capacity of 1200 tons of finished products per shift with subcontracted farms;