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A grade  -  per pcs aproxm./ 600 gr

All products are cleaned, peeled, freshly shocked at -40 C and -18 degrees.                                                                  Exported in 20 kg export cartons  

Product Name: Frozen Beef Pizzles)                                     Nature of Packaging: Strong base, Corrugated box, Plastic inner liner
Case Fill: 20 Kg Fixed weight
Variable Weight: 0.36 kg per animal
Use by dates: 2 Years
Date information required on label: Freeze date, Pack date, Use by date
Butchery Information: Tip must stay on the pizzle. Pizzles are washed with cold water and then chilled over night. Remove all fat and red meat before packing.


We are one of one of Europe (Montenefro -Sırbia -Bosna Hersekova -Macedonia-Hungry -Slovakia -Albania France -Poland etc..) principal beef and Pork Offals products  export trading companies.

Our business was founded on the export of  Beef and Pork  and small stock, including sheep, lamb and goat, and quickly expanded to include beef and poultry as well as a full range of offals.

We have grown expansively to meet the needs of an ever increasing customer base, we have opened offices in China and The Middle East, and have established supply arrangements with leading meat producers around the world.

We have become the trusted suppliers to all importers of meat products worldwide, including, wholesalers, distributors, major supermarket chains, shipchandlers and government agencies.

Understanding the customer’s requirements has been the key to our success.